Cut resistant gloves

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Cut resistant gloves


5 colours for 5 levels of cut protection

At once visible

Codes couleurs Deltanocut


The fibres


Taeki S

To combine safety and comfort.

Excellent cut resistance.
Maximum abrasion performance.
Soft fibre: High level of comfort.
Gauge 13: High level of dexterity.

Taeki 5

For maximum safety and a good contact-heat protection

Maximum cut resistance.
High level of abrasion resistance.
Heat resistance up to 100°C
(until 250°C for VENICUT50 and VENICUT52).



Deltanocut +

Mono-fibre polymer high resistance.

Maximum dexterity.

DMF free: total material safety, protection of the handled objects.
Washable: hygienic, gloves can be re-used.
Reduced thickness: Fine touch and better breathability.
Soft touch: texture provides comfort and feeling of freshness all day.




To combine safety and attractive price

Excellent cut resistance.
Good abrasion performance.
Economical fibre: good price.
Gauge 13: high level of dexterity.