Eyewear protection

Safety eyewear provides protection from spray and splatter from particles, liquids and dust, and from chemical product fumes and radiation.

How to protect yourself?

Select the most suitable protective glasses or shields.

  • Identify the type of risk: spray, radiation, other, …
  • Determine the type of protection: spectacles-type safety glasses, goggles, face mask, cover goggles.
  • Note the protective features: scratch-resistant, fog-resistant, tinted, ...
  • Select the type of eye-piece: one-piece or double lens.
  • Choose the frame type: design, classical, …


Protection visuelle



Special filters can eliminate certain parts of light and a high proportion of the electro-magnetic spectrum (ultraviolet rays, infrared rays…).

Marquage des oculaires

Lens marking is composed by 2 numbers (separated in the middle by a "-"):

from 2 to 6. Welding lens have no code number.
from 1.1 (the highest % of transmission in visible light, the clearest lens)
to 16 (the lowest % of transmission in visible light, the darkest lens)
The yellow coloured possibilities are available in the DELTA PLUS range.


Les risques dus aux rayonnements nocifs pour l'oeil


Le spectre électro magnétique


soudage à l'arc