Leather gloves

Grain or Split ?

  • Full grain leather: External part.
    Advantages: dexterity, comfort and touch accuracy.
  • Split leather: Internal part.
    Advantages : greater resistance to abrasion, suitable for heavy-duty work.


Gants cuirs : fleur ou croûte ?
Protection des mains, gants cuir


Which type of leather?

  • Cowhide
    Full grain or Split : Suppleness, dexterity and good resistance to abrasion and tearing.
  • Pigskin
    Full grain and split : Highly breathable thanks to its porous structure.
    Softer and more supple in damp working conditions.
  • Goatskin 
    Full grain only : Very highly supple, used for delicate applications, can have good resistance to abrasion depending on the thickness used.
  • Lambskin
    Full grain only : Suppleness and dexterity.