France Delta Group was founded in 1977, in 1999 in Paris, the successful listing of the stock market. After 30 years of rapid development and strict control of all product quality and sales of regional and performance continues to expand and enhance the Group has developed into a global-oriented personal protective equipment world-class enterprises and continuous self-improvement.

In China, Delta has been committed to "global protection, local service" concept, for more than 10,000 customers with personal protective equipment from head to toe one-stop service.

Delta Group has a professional R & D team, the use of innovative design, adding from the sports and leisure to obtain the technical elements. The use of Delta personal protective equipment, bring you will no longer be bound, but pleasure and enjoyment.

  • 1500 product catalogs
  • Tens of thousands of global customers
  • 1500 Group employees
  • Covering the European and Asian markets
  • 10 production bases
  • 20 sales base
  • 5 logistics base
  • chinese platform

Occupational safety leader

As a global supplier of personal protective equipment, Delta Group is a leading force in the European market. Group has more than 20 sales and 10 production branches. Based on the Group's long history, rich experience and complete product line, Delta is proud to offer high quality products and high standard of service.

Delta Group is a fast growing international company, in the development process, the Group adhere to the principle of humanity, which is the Group's success and customer satisfaction is the key. Today, Delta has insisted on becoming a clear target for designers and producers of personal protective equipment as a group. This goal is not just a simple slogan, but the group is committed to high-quality production and service of a guarantee.